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How do I create links?

As soon as you become an Affiliate member, you will have access to the Affiliate membership site. This source provides you with an automatic tag generator that creates HTML. Simply cut and paste the HTML into your web site and your link is created in a matter of seconds. The tag generator allows you to set up multiple links to our properties.

Where should I place the links on my site?

Provide your users with easy access. Place our links in visible areas on your web site such as your homepage or navigation bar. These high traffic locations indicate that users will be more likely to visit our sites and make a purchase.

How often should I update my links?

As we are constantly adding new offers and specials to cater to the interests of your users, you should update your links at least once every three months. We will also be sending out a weekly newsletter to our Affiliates that will assist in the awareness of the latest programs and promotions that MGM MIRAGE properties have to offer.

Can I use your content on my site?

Feel free to use and select any links, graphics, ad banners, icons, and content supplied to you through the Affiliate membership site. Any other material than what is provided, is strictly prohibited without prior written approval.

Do you allow affiliates to bid on keywords?

Yes. We currently allow affiliates to bid on keywords but there are certain restrictions that apply. Upon approval into the program, you will be given these restrictions.

How long does the MGM MIRAGE cookie last?

The MGM MIRAGE cookie, a small file stored on the computer of somebody that clicks your Affiliate link, lasts for 3 days. That means that if somebody clicks on your link and returns within three days to make a reservation, your referral ID will be identified and you will get credit.
The above FAQs are not intended to describe the entirety of the Affiliate Program, nor all of the responsibilities of an Affiliate. Please refer to the Affiliate Operating Agreement for a full discussion of your rights and responsibilities as an Affiliate.

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